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Stainless Steel Flag Clip

      House FlagPole Kit

      Stainless Steel Flag Clip

      Made of stainless steel, keep your flag away from rust stain
      Designed to withstand harsh weather elements
      Can also be used to clip keychains, curtains, etc.
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      It's time to ditch those crappy clips! Our flag pole clips are made of stainless steel. Never worry about rust stains ruining your flag again

      Our clips are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh weather elements. Rest assured that your flag isn't going anywhere

      These clips are compatible with all standard grommeted flags. They can also be used to clip keychains, curtains and many things else
      Each flag pole clip is 1.5 inchese long. Made of durable stainless steel. Comes in pack of 4.
      ANLEY is proud to have you as our customer, and we stand behind our products. If by any chance your purchase is unsatisfactory in any way, you are covered with our free replacement guarantee! Please contact us for any questions, concerns or suggestions.