What type flagpole should I choose?

So, you’ve just purchased a brand-new flag and ready to install into your outdoor Flagpole in front of your building or home. The excitement and anticipation build as you pull out your Outdoor American Flag and get ready to attach it to the flag snap hooks and hoist it up the pole.

Wait a minutes –ask yourself a few question.  Is your flag the right size for the pole? Will my flagpole hold my flag stably, or How strong wind can they endure? You do not want to lose your beloved flagpole within a couple days after you spend money. Aren’t you?

These question comes up a lot and there are several different answers based on your needs. We will cover these based on commericial flagpoles and residential flagpoles. What you need to decide is how tall of a flagpole you want and how much wind the flagpole will be subject to when installed. If you are a residential customer, 95% of what we sell is going to be 20′ or 25′.  For commercial customers the size of the flagpole is completely up to you and we have sold every size from 20′ all the way to 80′.

Here is a quick guide to selecting the correct size flag for your flagpole and some advice to protect your flagpole.


Firstly, You really need to consider wind speed, it is one of the most important things to consider in terms of safety. Depending on the season and the region in which you live, windspeed will obviously vary. You can download our handy windspeed map to get a better understanding of possible wind speeds in your area.

Commercial Flagpoles

Unlike Residential Flagpoles, Commercial Flagpoles are suited for long-term or permanent use. They are also designed to fly larger flags, depending on the type, height, and wind rating of the flagpole. The basic rule here is that the horizontal length of the flag is 1/4 to 1/3 the height of the flagpole. This guideline applies to commercial manufactured flagpoles 20’ and taller.

Residential Flagpoles

Residential Flagpoles are intended for short-term, temporary display and are not wind-rated. Whether you are displaying your American Flag from your house-mount flagpole or your ground-mount residential flagpole, it’s advised to fly a 3’x5’ flag at the largest. This is the perfect size to show your patriotic pride in front of your home. If you intend on installing a permanent display, please see our collection of Commercial Flagpoles.

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