How to Fly Your Flag Longer

You must have a flag flying for home or business or yourself, but what should we do to keep it flying longer? It is important to take the appropriate steps to protect your flags from the elements and preserve the life of the flags. Some proper protections can help ensure that your flag lasts longer and stay brighter.

US flag and helicopter

1, Find out the material of your flags

Most US flags and banners are made of one of the following materials: cotton, nylon, or polyester. Every material has its own advantage, which should be taken into consideration because that will affect the life of your flag.

Cotton flags are best suited for indoors but can be flown outside for short periods of time in the breeze, never in bad weather conditions. Nylon is a durable, all-weather material, meant for sustained outdoor use. However, it’s still important to note that harsh conditions and high winds may damage them. When harsh weather is expected, it is recommended that the flag is ensuring of protection, needed to be taken down and put away. Polyester is best suited for high wind areas. This material is heavier and needs more wind to fly, but is also stronger and can withstand harsher conditions.

But, do remember that no matter what material you choose, it’s important to protect your flags or banners from bad weather any time.

2, Clean Your Flag

Cleaning your flag can actually help protect it, and help it last longer. There are some easy tips to clean your flag:

i. Please gently wash your flag in cold water using minimum of detergent.

ii. Hang dry it on a taut line, or dry it on an absorbent cotton towel placed on a flat surface.

iii. Steam iron your flag or take it to a laundry or cleaners and have them iron it. .

3, Treating the damaged Flags

Although your flags maybe heavy duty, it’s still important to check your flag for damage, such as tearing or fraying.

A damaged flag should be taken down immediately, not only it is a sign of disrespect, but it is also facing to be tore worse. A damaged flag may be replaced or repaired.

Anyway, no matter the material of your flag or banner, you will want to ensure proper ways to protect your flags. If you still not have your flags yet, ANLEY provides that, you can simply visit the website and find the flags available!

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