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Why do Americans love their flag

We might see the US flag everywhere in our daily life. However, why do Americans love their flag? It seems to be a simple question, but there is no one can conclude in a short time. And here listed several days that Americans should display the flag, especially on: New Year’s Day Inauguration Day Martin […]

blue thin line flag

Thin Lines Flag, What do you know about?

We have a bunch of different thin lines flag. Red is firefighters, gold is emergency dispatchers. For example, it’s called the “Thin Blue Line”. It’s supposed to represent Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) and flying a TBL American flag is showing support for the LEOs of the United States. Thin Blue Line is also in the […]

flag design

5 principle to design a flag

WHAT IS A FLAG? — A flag’s purpose is to represent a place, organization, or person, generally on a rectangular piece of cloth, to be seen at a distance, often moving, and reproduced in quantity and in many sizes. Use 5 basic principles to create an outstanding custom flag for your organization, city, tribe, company, family, neighborhood, […]

US flag and helicopter

11 Interesting Facts About American Flag

1. The first flag was commissioned with a payment of “three strings of wampum” By 1777, the U.S. was still waffling on the exact look of its flag. This was a cause for concern for Thomas Green, an American Indian who wanted the protection of an official flag while traveling through treacherous territory to Philadelphia. […]