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flag design

5 principle to design a flag

WHAT IS A FLAG? — A flag’s purpose is to represent a place, organization, or person, generally on a rectangular piece of cloth, to be seen at a distance, often moving, and reproduced in quantity and in many sizes. Use 5 basic principles to create an outstanding custom flag for your organization, city, tribe, company, family, neighborhood, […]

iron flag

How to remove wrinkles from Polyester or Nylon flag

Polyester Flag As we see, Polyester is considered one of the most durable, user-friendly fabrics you can find. While older versions of this fabric were known for being rough, new technology has made polyester softer and thinner. This is why the majority of your clothing, flags and other types of home décor are typically made […]

flag etiquette

12 Rules of American Flag Etiquette

We’re reminded of this when the flag is flown proudly everywhere: Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Election Day, and Flag Day itself. Of course, not all patriotic celebrations are created equal. The US Flag Code formalize and unifies the traditional ways in which we give respect to the flag, also contains specific instructions on how the flag […]