18×18 Inch Orange Warning Sign & Safety Flags for Truck, Trailer, Car & Oversize Load Vehicle


  • ✔ DRIVE BY THE RULES – DOT regulations demand each warning flag to be at least 18 inches square; one warning flag at the extreme rear is required if the projecting load is two feet wide or less, and two flags are required if wider than two feet.
  • ✔ APPLY AS YOU SEE FIT – Whether required to put them on when hauling oversized loads on a regular basis or just want to increase the visibility on the moving vehicles under bad weather, these fluorescent orange warning flags can guard your driveway well!
  • ✔ WORTH EVERY CENT – Mesh construction allows wind to pass through without blowing flags around in the wind. Super light-weight and foldable material make them easy to be stocked and replaced anywhere. Yet, they are durable enough being vinyl coated to be weather proof and hold up to the test of time.
  • ✔ MORE THAN JUST FLAGS – Package contains 2 flags equipped with metal grommets and 2 bungee cords. Each bungee cord is constructed from high-quality braided rubber and lax with metal hooks on the ends, ensuring superior strength and stretch as needed.